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If you're reading this I'm extremely excited you decided to join up as a member!

This is a little introductory blog, short and sweet just to give you an idea as to what you can expect for the month and in the future. You may have noticed there isn't a ton of content out there yet, but I have several posts, videos, and other things planned to build it up. The members site to me, will be a place where not only I can share meal preps, workouts, tips, etc... but members will have the opportunity to as well. In doing this, want to ensure I'm providing information and content you all want to see. So I will probably run several polls and have you all vote on topics you might want to see or certain recipes. And this will not just be limited to food posts, I will be doing workouts, YouTube topics (like starting a channel and growing it), editing tutorials, maybe some behind the scene video footage of planning out videos, preps and what not.

In a nutshell, that's the direction i'm envisioning for the member site. A community of people sharing and discussing to help each other reach our overall goals.

I really should have planned out this first post a little more... Anyways.

Please take some time, click through the site, check out the information and content I have. If you happen to come across any issues in functionality or misspellings feel free to shoot me an email at I'm not gonna lie, I'm exhausted, it's very possible there's a button out there I forgot to make clickable, almost guaranteeing it.

Thanks again for joining up, your support is greatly appreciated!

p.s. I literally just thought of something, right before hitting Publish, should we have our own hashtag? So when we post on social we can find and like other members content? You guys let me know.


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