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By the time you're finished reading this description you could've created your first meal plan, that's how simple this tool is! Well, maybe not quite that quick but it doesn't take long. Both the LIMITED-ACCESS and FULL-ACCESS plans allow you to create as many plans as you want, there are no limitations there. But the LIMITED-ACCESS options does have some restrtictions around what you can do, see below:


  • Restricted permissions to both sheets in the workbook
  • Cannot print or export plans
  • FoodItems Sheet​

    • Accessible but all add/edit/modify functionality is disabled.

    • Can only view the "Food" names in the list/table.

  • MealPlan Sheet​

    • Create as many meal plans as you want​

    • View the entire sheet EXCEPT for the Nutrition Breakdown Table


There is also a video linked to this product which will demonstrate the functionality.


Current Version 1.0

130-140 Food Choices 

Each month new food items will be submitted by me online and any Water Jug Fitness Member will get access to them. If you’re not a Member but would like to get the new food items when they become available these can be purchased for an additional fee.


Click HERE to see all perks of being a member!


These items are some of the most common and widely used food choices. Also, all items were entered by me, I didn't get these from an app or third-party so I can verify the nutrition is accurate. There will be additional versions/updates coming out in future months to increase functionality and ease of use.


Custom Meal Plan Creator LIMITED-ACCESS

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