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Custom Meal Plan Creator

Create a custom meal plan just for you!



  •  Restricted permissions to both sheets in the workbook

  • FoodItems Sheet

    • Accessible but all add/edit/modify functionality is disabled.

    • Can only view the "Food" names in the list/table.

  • MealPlan Sheet​

    • Create as many meal plans as you want​

    • View the entire sheet EXCEPT for the Nutrition Breakdown Table



  • No Restrictions (Full Permissions) to both sheets within the workbook

  • Change/Modify/Remove any columns, rows, headings, etc… in both sheets

  • FoodItems Sheet 

    • View the entire list of foods and nutrition for each food​

    • Add new items or Edit existing itmes in the list

    • View all formulas in the sheet

  • MealPlan Sheet​

    • Create as many meal plans as you want​

    • Access to the Nutrition Breakdown Table

As new food items are added and updates are made members will notified via the Newsletter on how to get the latest version. 

Current Version 1.1 (For Full-Access)

350 - 370 Food Choices

Current Version 1.0 (For Limited-Access)

130 - 140 Food Choices

These items are some of the most common and widely used. Also, all items were entered by me, I didn't get these from an app or third-party so I can verify the nutrition is accurate. There will be additional versions/updates coming out in future months.

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