• Jeff Taylor

Easy Baked Tortilla Chips With Homemade Guacamole Recipe!

Simple homemade chips and guacamole recipe!

Watch the YouTube video below!

Homemade Tortilla Chips Recipe


  • 2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 1/2 Lime

  • 15-17 Yellow Corn Tortillas

  • Coarse Sea Salt


  1. In a small bowl, add 2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  2. Cut 1 lime in half and squeeze 1/2 the lime into the bowl. (Squeeze as much juice out as you can)

  3. Use a basting brush and mix the 2 ingredients together.

  4. Take a tortilla and brush each side with the mixture.

  5. Repeat this process for an additional 14-16 tortillas and stack them on top of each other.

  6. Then cut the tortillas into smaller pieces. (See video here for more detail)

  7. Once the tortillas are cut, get out a cookie sheet or large baking pan.

  8. If you still have some of the mixture left, coat the baking sheet/pan with it. (You could also just use extra virgin olive oil or even cooking spray if you desired)

  9. Place the cut up tortilla pieces on the sheet with a small separation between them. (They can be touching just try to keep them from overlapping on top of each other, they won't cook as well if they do)

  10. Sprinkle a little Coarse Sea Salt over the chips and then they are ready to bake.

  11. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-12 minutes.

Nutrition (1 Serving)

Protein(g): 3.2

Carbs(g): 34.4

Fat(g): 7.2

Total Calories: 215.2

**Recipe makes about 5-6 servings in total**

Homemade Guacamole Recipe


  • 2 Large Avocados